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Kirk Martin
District Attorney


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20 Court Street
Owego, NY 13827

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The Office of the District Attorney represents the citizens of Tioga County and the People of the State of New York in the prosecution of all vehicle & traffic and criminal offenses committed within the County.  District Attorney Kirk Martin and his assistants appear on behalf of the People in County Court, Drug Treatment Court and the County’s 16 local town and village magistrate courts, as well as all post-conviction litigation in the appellate courts.

Visitors may be seen by appointment only.

The District Attorney's office DOES NOT grant adjournments. Only the Court may grant an adjournment.

 Annual Reports



Barton Town Court
304 Rt 17c
Waverly, NY  14892
Ph: 607-589-8609
Fax: 607-589-2231

Hon. Joseph Fravel Tue. 5:30 pm

Berkshire Town Court
18 Railroad Avenue
Berkshire, NY  13736
Ph: 607-657-8286

Hon. Peggy Andersen 1st Mon. 7:00 pm
3rd Mon. 7:00 pm

Candor Town Court
101 Owego Road
Candor, NY 13743
Ph: 607-659-3175 x2
Fax: 607-659-3464

Hon. Gary Dence 1st & 3rd Mon. 10:00 am

Candor Village Court
138 Main Street
PO Box 73
Candor, NY 13743
Ph: 607-659-3175 x2
Fax: 607-659-3464

Hon. Les Swartz 1st & 3rd Mon. 10:00 am

Newark Valley Town Court
109 Whig Street
Newark Valley, NY 13811
Ph: 607-642-5278
Fax: 607-642-5255
Clerk: Yvonne Tuetken

Hon. John Schaffer

Hon. Todd Smith

2nd Tue. 4:00 pm

2nd & 4th Thur. 7:00 pm

Nichols Town Court
54 E. River Road
PO Box 359
Nichols, NY 13812
Ph: 607-699-3981 x14
Fax: 607-699-7959
Anglea Zito (Nickels)
Pamela Roberts (Quick)

Hon. Lynette Nickels

Hon. Michael Byers

2nd Mon. 3:00 pm

1st Tue. 1:00 pm

Office Hours:
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
3rd Thur. 8:30 am

Owego Town Court
State Route 434
Apalachin, NY 13732
Ph: 607-687-0123
Fax: 607-687-6381
Clerks: Cheryl Adams & Colleen Craig

Hon. Patrick Hogan

Hon. John Schumacher
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Tue. 9:00 am
Pre-trials/trials Tue. 10:00 am
Civil: Thur. at 9:00 am

Thur. 1:00 pm
Pre-trials/trials Wed. 1:00 pm
Civil: Thur. 2:00 pm

Owego Village Court
178 Main Street
Owego, NY 13827
Ph: 607-687-2236
Fax: 607-687-3518
Clerk: Diane Gregory

Hon. David Boland


Hon. Lynn Craig

1st & 3rd Tue. 9:00 am


4th Thur. 1:00 pm

Richford Town Court
PO Box 144
Richford, NY 13835
Ph: 607-657-8317
Fax: 607-657-2863
Clerk: Becky Randall

Hon. Peggy Andersen 1st, 3rd, & 4th Mon. 5:30 pm

Spencer Town Court
Town Hall
79 E. Tioga Street
Spencer, NY 14883
Ph: 607-589-7342
Fax: 607589-6910
Clerk: Barbara Lester

Hon. Lawrence Bleck Jr. 2nd & 4th Wed. 7:00 pm
and 2nd Wed. 9:00 am

Tioga Town Court
54 Fifth Avenue
PO Box 193
Tioga Center, NY 13845
Ph: 607-687-9577
Fax: 607-687-6422
Clerk: Karen Wells

Hon. Paul Martin 2nd Wed. 2:00 pm

Waverly Village Court
32 Ithaca Street
Waverly, NY 14892
Ph: 607-589-4771
Fax: 607-589-3539
Clerk: Billie Jo Jennings

Hon. Richard Gorman

Tue. & Thur. 4:00 pm

Office Hours:
Mon., Tue., Wed., & Fri. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thur. 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

New York State Police-Apalachin
Sergeant Jason Cawley
2354 State Route 434
Apalachin, NY 13732
Ph: 607-687-3961

Village of Owego Police Department
Chief Michael Telfer
90 Temple Street
Owego, NY 13827
Ph: 607-687-2233

Village of Waverly Police Department
Chief Daniel Gelatt
32 Ithaca Street
Waverly, NY 14892
Ph: 607-565-2836

Village of Candor Police Department
Village Hall
Main Street
Candor, NY 13743
Ph: 607-659-7966

Village of Spencer Police Department
Town Hall
79 East Tioga Street
Spencer, NY 14883
Ph: 607-589-7811

Tioga County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Gary W. Howard
103 Corporate Drive
Owego, NY 13827
Main Office: 607-687-1010, 607-565-2213, 607-754-2515
Jail Division: 607-687-8463
Records: 607-687-8460
Civil: 607-687-8461
Criminal Inv.: 607-687-8462

In the interest of improving traffic safety in Tioga County, and because many traffic infractions are unintentional and/or isolated occurrences, the District Attorney's office has adopted a Traffic Safety Diversion Program. Numerous studies have shown that defensive driving courses improve traffic safety. 

Motorists who qualify for the program pay a fee, take a defensive driving course, and in certain situations sign a statement they have completed 30 minutes of community service, and then their ticket(s) are dismissed entirely. There will be no fine or surcharge, and there will be no record of conviction added to your driving record.  This also has the added benefit of eliminating the need for court appearances.

Please keep in mind that not all infractions are eligible to be disposed of by the program. If you are charged with any misdemeanor or alcohol related offense (e.g. Driving While Intoxicated [“DWI”], Driving While Ability Impaired [“DWAI”] or Aggravated Unlicensed Operation [“AUO”]) you must appear in court. 

By law this program is also not available to motorists with a commercial driver’s license or permit, or if they were operating a commercial motor vehicle.  Please see the section Commercial Traffic Reductions.

Below are the Instructions in PDF format.  The instructions include the Application and the community service statement (only for those with Elevated ticket(s)). Once opened, you can print the Instructions.

If you do not qualify for the Traffic Safety Diversion Program or don’t wish to participate in it, your case will be set for trial on the original ticket(s) or a pre-trial plea conference with the Assistant District Attorney.

Please Note: If you fail to appear for any court date the Court may suspend your license. The District Attorney's Office does not grant adjournments. Only the court may grant an adjournment.

Online defensive driving courses approved by DMV can be found at

If you have questions please email us at


Drivers with commercial driver’s licenses or any commercial vehicle & traffic law ticket(s) are ineligible for Tioga County’s Traffic Safety Diversion Program.  Drivers with commercial driver’s licenses who have received ticket(s) or drivers who have been issued commercial vehicle & traffic law ticket(s) may apply for a reduction using our online application. 

Below are PDF versions of the Instructions and the Application for requesting a plea offer through the mail. Once you open the link(s) you can then print and complete the Application. 

Please Note: If you fail to appear for any court date the Court may suspend your license. The District Attorney's Office does not grant adjournments. Only the court may grant an adjournment.

You may obtain a driving abstract of your New York State driving privileges at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), which may be done by visiting any DMV office in person or on the web at