Peter DeWind
County Attorney


Location & Phone

56 Main Street
Owego, NY 13827

Main Phone:

Social Services Law Office

20 Court Street

Owego, NY 13827

The Office of the County Attorney represents the County in all legal matters, serves as legal counsel for the County Legislature and Department Heads, and works with the Department of Social Services to handle family court cases involving child abuse, neglect, support, juvenile delinquent and PINS cases, and other in-house matters.

In addition, the County Attorney supervises the County Safety Office which assists in ensuring the safety and well being of County residents, employees and the general public. This includes minimizing damage to and/or loss of County owned property and equipment and mitigating overall risk to employees and the public in the conduct of County operations.

The County Attorney represents the County's legal needs. The Office of the District Attorney handles criminal prosecutions, and the Office of the Public Defender handles court-appointed attorney services.